At William Mitchell, we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one at a funeral can be daunting. But we also understand that every life is made up of many moments, including lots of “hellos”, plenty of “goodbyes”, and everything in between.

Funeral CarsOur family business is dedicated to helping your family; helping by delivering the level of personal service you need during what can be a very distressing time. We understand that a loved one’s passing may be sudden or may well be anticipated but few are truly ever prepared for. By listening to you and guiding you gently through the process, together we build a personal service befitting the life we are honouring.

When you call us you will speak with our family. We care about what you are experiencing and attend to your needs with respect, professionalism and dignity.


Funeral Horses Blurred Pic2We can help you because we specialise in bringing together the moments that make up a life, and assisting you to create a goodbye that is as individual as the person you love.

Whether you wish a burial or a cremation, a celebratory tribute or a funeral service that adheres to your faith and culture, we have years of experience in tailoring funeral goodbyes to the needs of families.

Say “goodbye” to the one you’ve cherished with a funeral that celebrates what life meant to them, and what they have meant to you.

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